clara sandell

About us

clara sandell is a Scandinavian brand that sells trendy and unique handmade silver jewellery.

The Finnish designer and founder of the jewellery brand, Clara Sandell, studied business, but has all her life been passionate about designing and making her own jewellery. This is the fulfillment of a longtime dream of hers, to create beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery that can be worn anytime by anyone.

"I wanted to make jewellery that reflects my style and vision that luxury belongs to everyday life. The perfect pieces of jewellery are the ones that make you feel glamorous in every situation. And I personally believe that it is impossible for a girl to have too much jewellery." Clara Sandell

Every piece of jewellery is designed and handmade by the designer herself, which makes every single piece of jewellery unique and different. The designer wants her customers to feel that way too!



Photos by:
Dimitri Touratier, Olivier Béaslas & Yasmin Choukri

Make up by:
Camilla Pönkkä